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i've allowed myself to be tagged, so, why the heck not?

10 things you like:
sleeping in
good art critiques
big chunks of snow flying off your car on the highway
the good ol' rp'in
my two sexy art muscles (flexes) ::they are located on your hands, people::
ramen with hot sauce
prince of persia
the boobies.

3 things that make you happy:
the callou song... that's right, i said it.

3 things that anger you:
Naruto filler
people who have no idea they're being annoying
and my brother

10 things that you hate:

complainers, the types that need to complain to feel alive

how i can never be completely happy with anything i create

bottles (especially rootbeer) where they make it impossible to open without cutting your hands.


not fighting crime

swashbucklers who forget to buckle their swashes

walking in snow barefoot cause you think "oh, i just need to get the mail is all, i'll be fine" little do you realize you must leap over ten jack russell terriers in the process, and then you just get yourself stuck on top of the mailbox out in the cold.

splitting a fingernail or toe

ne'er do wells.

gypsies (the cursing variety)

3 facts about your name:
» it means victory of the people
» i came up with numerous rhyming nicknames for myself such as "nick the quick, or nick the slick, or nick the pick" i could only come up with these gems because i was largely unclever at the time
» i will occasionally go by rahabim shaharazeb quetzlesacatenango III mostly to confuse and irritate people

5 facts about yourself:
» 4 out of 10 of my toes are double jointed
» occasionally, when i'm doing something, i subconciously make sound effects like "zoop!"
» i play blinking games when i'm bored on the highway.
» i have two dogs who i have renamed "favorite" and "rat"
» i want to have a hoard of undead minions when i grow up

2 things you expect (at least for now):
» my friends and i will stick together till we die from it
» i will age all at once when i hit 60 or 70. until then i remain looking like i belong in highschool.

4 random thoughts:
» i enjoy these pants i'm wearing
» things that are said are 85% funnier when said from another room.
» it should always be health before dignity, that's why doctors invented suppositories
» i wonder how effective a trebuchet would be with a flaming wad of already chewed gum would be

song you're listening to (give artist):
» james horner, the willow theme
» 11:27


United States
Favourite genre of music: celtic, darkwave, gypsy-like, rock, classic, video game music...
Skin of choice: my own flesh, thank you very much.

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ur welcome :)
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hey thanks for the :+fav: on the Deviled Man Spoof... had fun making that one... knew you'd appreciate it!!!
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I think you should get yer gears in motion and get some more good art up here man... it's been a while... :D
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hey hey, this is your gfs cousin, amazing art man!
Prymaster Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010
danke kindly sir!
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thanks for the watch!
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np love the work!
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